Roofing Repair Contractors in London

roof tile repairs

Our affordable roofing repair team in Woodford has many years of experience in relaying, repairing and replacing all types of pitch and flat roofs in London. From complete roof overhauls to replacing felt roofing on garages and sheds. From fixing leaks to replacing old ridge tiles and roof tiles. From repairing damaged beams to extending the roofs on existing houses.


Covering all of London

We are your go to team that you need when you want to restore or replace your old roof in London. Our team can show you a large variety of roofing projects from town houses to country houses. Our roofing repair team can come out and repair any leaking roofs in the same day. We can isolate leaks and fix repairs internally and externally.

Finding you have a leak at your your home can be quite distressing. Repairing it even more so. If you notice a leak at your home call the professionals at Crystal Home Improvements. We can scan your exterior roof and see if its because of loose lead flashings, chimney damage, loose tiles, damaged underlay or if it an extruding pipe has started to let water inside.

No matter how big or small the job is, maybe its just a small repair that you require, we at Crystal Home Improvements will handle it in a professional and fast manner. We guarantee to use only the finest roofing materials on the market to ensure your roof is given a new lease of life.



All our roofing work is guaranteed and underwritten. We have full public liability insurance and employee insurance. If you call us now, we can arrange a visit and give you a fully written quotation on the break down of the work involved. You won’t be disapointed when you choose Crystal Home Improvements.